Olivee Manufacturing

We are follow the latest technology in manufacturing olives in the world, this technologies are as following :

“Spanish method"
"Californian method”

Also we manufacturing the grape leaves and mixed pickles in different packages .
-Olive oil production ( extraction and filling )

Manufacturing Steps In Brief As The Following:

Agricultural raw material receiving.
Debitter treatments and Fermentation.
Fermentation following up by our experts


We processed Olives in different ways to enhance the most desirablecharacteristics of a particular cultivar. They are processed according to three main styles: Spanish style green olives, Greek style naturally ripe black olives, and Californian styleblack olives.
Spanish style green olives , the fruit are harvested when green.They are treated in alkaline lye and then put in brine, in which theyundergo lactic fermentation.
Greek style naturally ripe black olives are harvested completelymature and placed in water or brine, followed by yeast fermentation inbrine. There is no initial lye treatment. A variation of this style is naturallyripe olives that have been preserved using dry salt instead of brinesolution. In addition,olives may be referred to by cultivar, such as ‘Kalamata’, which has ledto a further variation of Greek style naturally ripe black olives termedKalamata style olives.
Californian style black olives originated in America,and the fruit are harvested at the straw stage. They are treated withlye, brined, and aerated, which oxidizes the pigments and turns theolives black. The olives arenot fermented, and the pitted product is widely used in fast-food productssuch as pizzas.

Production steps:
  • washing
  • stemming
  • selection
  • pitting
  • slicing
  • stuffing
  • filling
  • weighting
  • solution addition
  • closing
  • packaging
  • delivery